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#26 | Success vs. Failure | Discover Tech Events in Your City | Get the Most Out of What You Read


Success Vs. Failure: Closer Than You Might Think

For every success, there are plenty of times when something we wanted or strove for didn’t work out. But equally, along the way, there are times worth savoring. Moments when you realize the small steps that felt frustrating and arduous, and maybe even pointless at the time, were the ones that made the difference (The Long Game)

I've learned that you often don't know the outcome until you try. Success or failure is found through repeated attempts.

Your individual traits, such as determination and persistence, your work style, and your team are important. However, market conditions (like the increase in demand for toilet paper and face masks during COVID-19) and a bit of luck also play a significant role.

I recall hearing a story about a nearly dying healthcare company that never found product/market fit, but rode a massive wave of success during COVID-19 when they pivoted and became one of the biggest COVID test producers. Or, consider the famous story of Stewart Butterfield, who was building a gaming startup that did not go well and pivoted it to what now became Slack (valued at $26.5 BN).

You put yourself to work, grinding and being patient, doing your best to increase your chances of a breakthrough. You gain experience, build a network, and create supportive surroundings, and one day, you thrive. All is possible, but it all depends on how much you are willing to not give up and iterate until you succeed.



I can't believe I haven't seen this app before. As a bookworm, I have tons of highlights I've always wished I could revisit, but of course, there's never enough time. We gain insights when we read a book, and then voila, they're gone. Readwise helps you memorize what you have learned and highlighted in the past - it uses a system similar to Anki for languages. I've just started using it, and I'm so happy to bring up all that "forgotten" knowledge from books and articles I've read! You can integrate the app with Pocket, Kindle, Goodreads, iPhone 'Books', and many other services.


The Long Game: How to Be a Long-Term Thinker in a Short-Term World by Dorie Klark. You can buy the book HERE.

I read this book in 2021 but did not appreciate it much (4/5). Today, I was revising all those highlights from using the Readwise app and came across many notes from this book that were so spot on!

Your personal goals require a long-term strategy. It's no secret that we're pushed to the limit. Today's professionals feel rushed and overwhelmed. So, we keep our heads down, focusing on the next thing and the next without a moment to breathe. Everything seems to need to happen quickly, in one go, NOW. However, real life doesn't work this way, despite what we see on social media - instant success and instant gratification, among many other things.

It took five years, on the surface, to show any progress at all between that dinner conversation and actually having a book to show for it. But in the half decade after that, I managed to build a seven-figure business, become a professor at two of America’s top business schools, and have my books translated into eleven languages. I also became a Broadway investor, a stand-up comedian, and a producer of a Grammy-winning jazz album on the side.
Are you willing to do the work, despite no guaranteed outcome? We have to take it on faith and do it anyway. That’s strategic patience. You have to surround yourself with people you admire and trust, and learn from their example. You have to study what’s worked before and what you wish to emulate, and then determine where you want to do something different.
Being busy isn’t a mark of status: it’s a mark of servitude. “I have a very negative impression of the stereotypical frazzled, freaked-out, ‘Oh my God, I’m so busy!’ type,” he told me. “They seem out of control—not in control of their life. But I’ve met a few super-successful people that are calm, collected, unbothered, and give you their full attention. They seem to have everything under control. So, I’d rather be like that.”
To become a better, sharper, and more strategic thinker, the first step is clearing away the nonessentials.\
Anything less than a nine out of ten on your excitement scale, or even a ten out of ten, becomes a “no.”


A few of my fantastic Instagram followers asked me: "Yana, where can I find all those tech events happening in my city?"

Assuming you live in a tech hub, here's how to find all those hidden tech gatherings.

While I used to like Eventbrite, my wonderful colleague and I both agreed it's not the best. You have to fill out so much irrelevant information to register, and sometimes, the events shown are also a waste of time.

At Pretiosum, we prefer Luma:

Easy interface, event discovery phase, and registration process. If you have already attended events hosted on Luma, you can see new events from the same host, so you stay up to date.

Another app we like for event discovery is Locals, where you can find a mix of events for business or pleasure.

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