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#1 | 100 things to be grateful for this year | Book List 2023/2024

Hi guys,

Thanks for checking out my first newsletter. I want to try something different with the format, but the main idea is to share: 1. What I've learned and 2. Stories that inspire me 3. Media recommendations.

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We are now in 2024 - Happy New Year! Let me share with you what I've learned or find useful, and, of course, share the book list.

  1. Personal:

How was your 2023? I keep hearing people say it was "so-so." Recently, I discovered a powerful technique. It can help you reflect on all your accomplishments last year and lessons you can implement this year.

It's called "100 things to be grateful for this year."

Write down all the trips you took and the time you spent with family and friends. Also, note what you learned, what you experienced, and how much you grew. It may be challenging to come up with 100 things all at once, but once you push yourself, the results are magical. 

It took me three days to complete this exercise, but this simple exercise helped me A LOT. So, I'm sharing this with you.

  1. App: 

Rise APP - App and Tracker for Better Sleep.

I am a big Oura fan, but I discovered this app lately and became obsessed. It tracks your sleep. It also shows your "sleep debt". This is interesting to track and work on. It can help us become a better version of ourselves.

  1. Media:

Here is my book list for 2023: 29/30.

I hope you enjoyed the first short issue.

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