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#2 | Yana’s Personal and Tech Insights

  1. Personal:

This year, I decided to take time off during holidays and not work as usual at all times. Relaxing and restoring your energy is essential to prepare for the year ahead. It was not an easy decision! I also talked to several friends, all respected entrepreneurs.

They all say the same: having time to think is essential.

I also looked up on the Internet:

The following formula is my way forward:

Intense work + proper holidays (with no work calls or meetings, a full disconnect).

Now, I am getting ready for the year ahead. Almost everything (work-wise) is planned. I've booked hotels and added all events to the calendar. Proud of myself.

I am also trying to take fewer flights and be more intentional with my work. Say "no" to almost everything.

Heading to Davos for the WEF in a week. Shout out if you plan to be there!

  1. App:

Airalo - global e-SIM store.

I could not be more thankful for this app! I am a frequent traveller, and due to work, I take ~80 flights a year. Do you remember the time when you landed somewhere new? You always had to hunt for WiFI or buy a local SIM card.

Well, so not anymore.

Download the e-SIM in a visiting country, pay, and install it on your phone. It takes 3-4 minutes, and you have data and can always be online!

It is a lifesaving app.

  1. Media

A few subscribers asked for newsletter recommendations. Here are my favourite ones:

As usual, I look forward to hearing your feedback, my friends!

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