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#7 | Yana’s Personal and Tech Insights

  1. Personal:

Two days ago, a friend reached out to me. She needs $230,000 for her daughter's urgent cancer surgery, and her family has already raised the majority of it.

I set up a GoFundMe page on the advice of another friend today (thank you!). If you want to learn more about this little girl's story and contribute, click HERE.

  1. App:

Texts.com - I'm excited to start using this app again! The app is still in its early days.

My goal is to decrease my phone use for messaging. I've noticed that I tend to respond slowly to messages, with the exception of emails. So the plan is to transition 90% of my messaging to texts, as it is a more effective method.

Superhuman for emails and Texts for messaging sounds like a perfect combo;-)

  1. Media:

State of Gender report

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