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#5 | Yana’s Personal and Tech Insights

  1. Personal:

I just got back from Cambridge, where I was attending Council Day for Cambridge Judge Business School.

The school has achieved amazing results, including attracting diverse students. It's inspiring to see more women applying. The school has put effort into ensuring a mix of students from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

CJBS has a variety of programs from long-term to short-term courses, so I highly encourage to look at the website.

P.S. If you're considering applying for a business degree and thinking about Cambridge - don't hesitate to reach out;)

  1. App:

Zero is my app of the week. I'm on and off with intermittent fasting, but the app helps me stay accountable and calculate when I can finally eat my meal :)

I'm not following intermittent fasting to lose weight, but rather to be healthy and have clarity of thought (which normally happens when you DON'T have a full stomach), so your energy isn't wasted on digestion but can be focused on work/study.

  1. Media:

If you're an aspiring tech entrepreneur planning to start a new venture and need guidance, check out The Startup School by Y Combinator. The school provides all the necessary resources to help you learn how to start a company.

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