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#4 | Yana’s Personal and Tech Insights

I just got back from Davos - this year, the main topic was all about AI (quite literally - on every company logo). If you do not believe me - here is the proof!

Several investors ask me why I do not invest only in AI/Quantum.

Here is why:

B2B SaaS: We invest in the future of businesses or anything that will help shape them. Trends come and go, but we invest in solutions that are here to help companies to succeed.

  1. Personal:

I am heading to Cambridge, UK, for the council meeting this week and could not be more excited about it. It has been a while. If you are based there and working on something interesting, please reach out - I would love to meet you!

Hot Numbers Coffee and Arancini from Aromi - I am coming for you, too.

  1. App:

It could not be simpler than that. The app of the week is an old, great "Pomodoro Timer". I usually put 4 to 5 major work blocks in my schedule and try to follow them. Pomodoro Focus helps to be fast and focused.

  1. Media:

Listening to a podcast, "How to 10x your life" w/ Dr. Benjamin Hardy

Here are a couple of thoughts here:

Strategic Goal Setting: The loftier the goal, the more strategic and focused our approach becomes, eliminating distractions and paving a clear path to success.
"The bigger the vision, the better your decisions."

The 80/20 Rule or "Pareto Principle" specifies that 80% of consequences come from 20% of the causes. So, 20% of what you do creates 80% or more of your results.

The main insight is that while 2X seems easier than 10X growth, the opposite is true.

With incremental growth, everything seems important. It's hard to find things to stop. But, 10X goals are impossible. They force you outside your current knowledge and assumptions. They force you to step back. In doing so, you find that while there are many paths to get to small results. But, there are very few paths to get to 10X results. So, gaining this clarity is critical. It's about the activities and people in your life that produce most of your results.

The challenge is to have the courage to let go of the 80% of things that seem so important. You don't drop them from your business. But other people need to take them on ;)

As always, I look forward to receiving your suggestions and feedback to improve this newsletter further.